ACIA Masterclass Webinars

A series of ACIA Masterclasses were hosted by Danielle Williams throughout summer 2023, with planning underway for the rollout of a further series from a range of contributors in the near future. Dani was an intelligence analyst in policing for 17 years and came to love structured analytical techniques (SATs) after working in the National Assessment Centre. The webinars were designed to provide an insight into the value of SATs in general, as well as practical guidance for analysts in relation to how and when to use specific tactical and strategic SATs.

All ACIA Masterclasses will be advertised in advance via the ACIA LinkedIn and X/Twitter pages, so please connect with us to ensure you're sighted on all forthcoming events.


Office 365 Christmas Selection Box

With sufficient funding and IT support Analysts can access a wealth of specialist Analytical software tools, but how much do we really know about the standard Microsoft Office packages that we all use every day? Helen Taylor, Intelligence & Analysis Trainer (and former Senior Analyst) with West Yorkshire Police brings an updated edition of her November 2022 National Analysts Conference Session ‘Using the Tools We Have’ to bring you a Seasonal Selection box of Office 365 tips.

Scheduled to take place on Thursday 14 December 2023, tickets available from:

Future, Task, Coach

Do you ever feel that:

- You are under pressure to keep up with changes in technology, capability and criminality?

- Training is the first thing to get squeezed when time and budgets are tight?

- You are just too busy to try anything new or different?

- The Training you get is not relevant to your day job?

"Future, Task, Coach" is a simple tool to help you with these hard problems.

Scheduled to take place on Friday 8 December 2023, tickets available from:

SATS for strategic analysts

The third in the series of webinars focused on the process of undertaking cones of plausibility, backcasting, forcefield analysis, and when to use these techniques. The session also covered the use of appropriate language to communicate uncertainty using the probability yardstick.

SATs for tactical analysts

This masterclass demonstrated how to use techniques such as the analysis of competing hypotheses, SWOT analysis, and crime scripting.

Structured Analytical Techniques and why they are awesome

The first in the series of SATs webinars. Many analysts don’t feel they have time to do SATs or that they aren’t useful. However, Dani loves them and used this webinar as an opportunity to convince participants of the value of SATs. SATs can easily be woven into you work, helping you be more productive and giving you the ability to solidly defend your inferences, conclusions and recommendations.