Frequently Asked Questions


What is ACIA?

The Association of Crime and intelligence Analysts (ACIA) is a community of crime and intelligence analysts based in the UK and Ireland brought together as  to assist each others' professional development. It is dedicated to catering for both public and private sector analysts and researchers in a wide variety of roles. ACIA members help other members to develop their analytical skills and progress in their careers by providing a variety of networking, professional development and knowledge sharing opportunities.

How can I become more involved in ACIA?

Member participation is seen as critical to the success of the Association. Members who are interested in becoming more involved can volunteer by contacting the association via:

How is ACIA different to other international analyst associations?

Whilst we welcome contact from across the world, ACIA is specifically designed to meet the needs of crime and intelligence analysts in the UK and Ireland. We cater for and bring together analysts from a wide variety of organisations, both public and private sector, with diverse skills and experiences. We believe it is this diversity of experiences and views brought together at a level which can easily facilitate networking (i.e. UK and Ireland) which is a key component of being able to develop as professionals.

However we would highly recommend joining IACA ( and IALEIA ( both international associations with which we have links with(and in fact most of our organisers have also joined these for an international perspective).

What is ACIA’s relationship with the NPCC National Analyst Business Group (NABG)?

ACIA’s objectives complement those of the NABG. ACIA seeks to work alongside the NABG to enhance the professionalisation of analysis in the UK.


Do I have to have a referee/ sponsor to join?

In most circumstances, yes. We strive to ensure that only individuals with a legitimate interest in crime and intelligence analysis are accepted for membership. If you apply with a .police , or .gov or .ac email address this is usually sufficient, if you don't have this then your referee needs to be someone who can confirm you work in the relevant sector whose own status we can verify. If you cannot find an acceptable sponsor or are unsure of the criteria, contact Membership via

If I leave my company is my membership transferable to my new company?

Yes,  just let us know your new details via an email to 



How is ACIA funded?

ACIA is funded through a combination of corporate membership of suitable organisations and direct sponsorship by selected partners. ACIA is a non-profit organisation, all revenue generated is used for the benefit of members.


Are all ACIA members security cleared?

ACIA recognises that information security is paramount for many of its members. All applicants are required to provide a suitable referee, and we strive to ensure that only individuals with a legitimate interest in crime and intelligence analysis are accepted for membership. However, the onus to appropriately protect sensitive information relating to knowledge and techniques remains with each individual member and we cannot guarantee that members have been security cleared to any level.

How do I report suspicious behaviour or unacceptable material on the site?

Contact ACIA immediately at:

Will other members have access to my details?

Your personal details will not be visible to anyone (including other members), although we may publish a list of the organisations represented by our members (with certain exceptions for some sensitive organisations). The general public will never be able to view any of your details.

Will my details be passed to sponsors and other organisations?

ACIA recognises that unsolicited emails and mail can be an annoyance, and we will not pass your details on to third parties without your express consent.

Are my details held securely?

The full details you provide upon application are stored on a database within a system approved to GPMS OFFICIAL level. For the members administration purposes, some basic details such as your name and email address will be held within a password protected web-based system, see for full details.