Meet the team

ACIA is a 'not for profit' organisation. ACIA is a community of like-minded people who, through the Association, seek to enable members to take action themselves. Volunteers from within the community organise all our activities.

Our volunteer organisers are the people who initiate activity and help members do the same! Initially we were established in a traditional heirarchical structure (i.e. led by a President) and this worked well for a long time however as our aspiration is to be a community, and a network of equals, we changed our descriptions to better reflect that.

The Community Organisers

Keith Jackson

Keith is a management consultant working with public sector clients in the law enforcement arena and helping them to transform their approach to digital intelligence analysis.

Throughout his career Keith has learnt a lot from his interactions and exchanges with other Analysts and strongly believes in the power of networking for Continuous Professional Development (CPD. Before becoming an independent consultant in 2012, he worked for some 17 years in the police, first as an Intelligence Analyst, then Head of Analysis and finally as the Head of Intelligence for the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit. He can be reached via his ACIA email address and is always keen to hear from people who wish to get involved in ACIA, swap ideas or collaborate in other ways!


Danielle Williams

Dani is currently the Child Protection Lead Analyst at Crisp and has 15 years’ experience working as an Analyst within law enforcement. Dani started her career as a Researcher in North Yorkshire Police in 2004 and became an Analyst a short time after. She joined Greater Manchester Police in 2008, working on the Major Incident Team for four years before becoming a Divisional Safeguarding Analyst. She subsequently moved to work in a multi-agency Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) team working for the Council and then moved to the Joint Slavery and Trafficking Analysis Centre within the National Crime Agency (NCA.

Dani is one of the winners of the ACIA awards in 2014 and went onto win the International Association of Law Enforcement Analysts (IALEIA) awards in 2015. She regularly speaks at national and international conferences and enjoys promoting the role of Analysts' within law enforcement. Dani is also a former Special Constable.


Helen Taylor

Helen is currently an Intelligence & Analysis Trainer with West Yorkshire Police. She has nearly 30 years' experience in Law Enforcement as an Analyst, Senior Analyst and now as a trainer of Analysts. She 'majored' in Tactical and Strategic Analysis but she has also worked in a partnership environment alongside Council Analysts, on several major investigations and in Counter Corruption (which she says is not as exciting as Line of Duty would have you believe). She is also a qualified Geographic Profiling Analyst.

Helen has presented at National Conferences and her particular training interests around Analysts' software tools - especially i2, iBase, GIS and Excel.


Paige Keningale

Paige has a BSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice and a MSc in Crime Science, Investigations and Intelligence. Paige is currently a PhD researcher at the University of Surrey. Her current research focuses the Operation of Intelligence Processes within UK Police Forces and hopes this research will contribute to academic knowledge, broader governmental awareness and the intelligence community itself. Paige has been responsible for the brilliant Podcasts which you find by navigating to the Podcasts page.

Before undertaking a PhD, Paige’s past research focused on police reform in terms of intelligence gathering, drawing upon failures of decision making and  ‘intelligence failures’ such as Pearl Harbour, 9/11, 7/7 bombings and the Challenger Disaster (NASA). The findings of this research resulted in practitioners asserting there is no such thing as an intelligence failure but rather they are failures of decision making, lack of sharing information and Analysts need to be more ‘blue skied thinking’ when analysing large sets of data.



Scott Keay

Scott is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Policing at Edge Hill University (Northwest of the UK). He worked for Lancashire Constabulary for almost 20 years in various analytical positions including: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Senior Community Safety and Partnership Intelligence Analyst and Data Analysis and Insight Manager. His research interests include developing the application of crime analysis, intelligence-led policing, evidence-based policing (EBP), problem-solving and policing vulnerability. Additionally Scott has recently undertaken a PhD researching how the police define, identify and respond to vulnerability.

He has been involved in the professional development of Analysts through a series of CPD events funded by the N8. His work with Lancs Police in developing crime analysis led to being the recipient of the 2018 IALEIA Service Award for “outstanding contribution as a supervisor to the achievement of law enforcement objectives”.



Alistair Sharp

Alistair joined BAE Systems Applied Intelligence in September 2018 as a Business Consultant. Prior to joining BAE he worked as a Senior Officer in the National Crime Agency for 5 years, primarily supporting senior managers in a strategic capacity, and before that an Intelligence Officer for the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT). Alistair studied for MA in Intelligence and International Security at King's College London, achieving a Merit in 2017. During this time he developed an interest in big data and ethics, completing his thesis in this area.



Alexis Cran

Alexis has worked in Policing since June 1986 initially as a station assistant in Strathclyde Police before becoming a Criminal Intelligence Analyst in Strathclyde in 1993 after piloting the role for a few years. Alexis has held various roles as Senior Analyst, Analyst Coordinator and Assistant Principal Analyst in Strathclyde prior to the creation of Police Scotland in 2013 when successful for the post of Principal Analyst (Local Policing).   Whilst juggling work and being a single mum to her son, Alexis also successfully studied part time, graduating with BA Business Studies & Management with Distinction in 2009. 

Alexis remains passionate about the role of the analyst with networking, training and development at the forefront and with current budget constraints Alexis says her main hobby is researching online for free CPD opportunities and bringing these to analysts in Scotland.  It was during this research that Alexis reached out to ACIA and as well as joining the Community Organisers, the majority of Police Scotland analysts are now members.  Alexis is also a Wellbeing Champion and strongly believes in promoting wellbeing within the analyst environment.


Del Middleton

Del started his career as in intelligence analysis as an Analyst Researcher in Strathclyde Police in 2012, prior to the creation of the single Police Service of Scotland the following year. Since then, he has held various roles within Police Scotland including Criminal Intelligence Analyst within the national Strategic Analysis Unit, Coordinator of an Analyst Unit supporting a territorial Division and a temporary role as the Principal Analyst of the Specialist Crime Division. Del studied for an MSc in Forensic Psychology and Crime at Coventry University, graduating in 2011.



ACIA is funded through support and direct sponsorship of some activities by selected partners. ACIA is a registered non-profit making company.

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