Meet the team

ACIA is a 'not for profit' organisation. ACIA is a community of like-minded people who, through the Association, seek to enable members to take action themselves. Volunteers from within the community organise our activities.

Our volunteer organisers are the people who initiate activity and help members do the same! Initially we were established in a traditional heirarchical structure (i.e. led by a President) and this worked well for a long time however as our aspiration is to be a community, and a network of equals, we changed our descriptions to better reflect that.


The community organisers


Alistair Sharp

Alistair joined BAE Systems Applied Intelligence in September 2018 as a Business Consultant. Prior to joining BAE he worked as a Senior Officer in the National Crime Agency for 5 years, primarily supporting senior managers in a strategic capacity, and before that an Intelligence Officer for the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT). Alistair studied for MA in Intelligence and International Security at King's College London, achieving a Merit in 2017. During this time he developed an interest in big data and ethics, completing his thesis in this area.



Jonathan Sherriff

Jonathan is currently an Associate Research Consultant to a Financial Services Regulator, vetting and risk assessing members for compliance with money laundering and counter-terrorist financing regulations.

Jonathan spent ten years in the Private Security sector before joining the Police as Civilian staff, spending ten years as a C&IA at Borough, Division, Force and Regional levels. After a six year stint hunting War Criminals in the Balkans for EU Rule-of-Law missions, he returned to the UK to investigate the diversion of opioids from the Regulated Supply Chain for the MHRA.

A member of MENSA, Jonathan is an avid believer in thinking outside the box, creative solutions, and doing more with less. If you've got a problem with Excel formulas or data collation, he can probably help!



Keith Jackson

Keith is a management consultant working with public sector clients in the law enforcement arena and helping them to transform their approach to digital intelligence analysis.

Throughout his career Keith has learnt a lot from his interactions and exchanges with other analysts and strongly believes in the power of networking for Continuous Professional Development.

Before becoming an independent consultant in 2012, he worked for some 17 years (yes, how time flies by!) in the police, first as an Intelligence Analyst, then Head of Analysis and finally as the Head of Intelligence for the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit.

He can be reached via his ACIA email address and is always keen to hear from people who wish to get involved in ACIA, swap ideas or collaborate in other ways!



Scott Keay

Scott is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Policing at Edge Hill University (Northwest of the UK). He worked for Lancashire Constabulary for almost 20 years in various analytical positions including: Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Senior Community Safety and Partnership Intelligence Analyst and Data Analysis and Insight Manager.

His research interests include developing the application of crime analysis, intelligence-led policing, evidence-based policing (EBP) and problem-solving, and policing vulnerability. He is currently undertaking a PhD researching how the police define, identify and respond to vulnerability.

He has been involved in the professional development of analysts through a series of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) events funded by the N8.

His work with Lancs Police in developing crime analysis led to being the recipient of the 2018 IALEIA (International Association of Law Enforcement Analysts) Service Award for “outstanding contribution as a supervisor to the achievement of law enforcement objectives”.





ACIA is funded through corporate memberships and support and direct sponsorship of some activities by selected partners. ACIA is a registered non-profit making company.

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