Association of Crime & Intelligence Analysts

ACIA is a community of crime and intelligence analysts from across the UK and Ireland. You’ll find our 1,000+ members in a very wide variety of roles in both the public and private sector, in teams and organisations that might surprise you! This rich diversity of backgrounds is a strength as we come together.


We connect our community to develop our analytical skills through interaction and the exchange of ideas and knowledge. We encourage people to challenge how and why things are done, to innovate and to continuously learn. We support each other as a community of practitioners.


Membership is free. ACIA is run by, and all its activities are organised by, volunteers from amongst the community. Why not join us?


ACIA Vision

A community where crime and intelligence analysts from diverse backgrounds share thoughts, knowledge and ideas to learn from each other.

Inspiring analysts to shape the future of intelligence analysis, encouraging and leading transformation within analysis.



- Supporting each other as a community of practitioners

- To widen analysts’ perspectives to the diverse range of ideas out there

- Encouraging people to challenge how and why things are done, to innovate and continuously learn

- Facilitating thinking that is unrestrained by organisational reporting structures

To provide a mechanism to allow the community to enact its ideas for networking and learning

Who are we?

Members of our community members include people drawn from Policing, Insurance, Telecoms, Law, Banking, Military, Central Government, Local Government, Intellectual Property, Crime and Disorder Partnerships, Regulatory Authorities.

It is an interactive association with member participation a key component. It is not a service you buy but a community you join. ACIA is the sum of its parts – it is its membership and its successes are all due to its members’ activities. Together we can achieve great things!

Axeten Ltd built this website for the community for free - thank you! See their UK-OSINT website for great resources.

Research & Intelligence Support Centre (RISC) - paid for its hosting - thank you! See their website (RISC) for a list of their courses.

If you would like to contribute to one of the projects then there are many ways you can get involved. Please get in touch via the contact form.


ACIA is specifically designed to meet the needs of crime and intelligence analysts in the UK and Ireland (as opposed to international). We are formed from a wide variety of organisations, both public and private sector, with diverse skills and experiences. We believe it is this diversity, brought together at a level which can easily facilitate networking (i.e. UK and Ireland), which is a key component of being able to develop as professionals. We also encourage membership of international associations to gain a wider perspective.

National Analyst Business Group (NABG)

ACIA’s objectives complement those of the Police NABG. We strive to work with NABG to enhance the professionalisation of analysis in the UK.

Get Involved

ACIA is run by analysts for analysts - it is only the efforts put in by members that enable the association to deliver benefits to all.

If you have a good idea, and have time and effort to contribute, then the association wants to help you bring that idea to fruition and make it happen.

Getting involved in ACIA’s activities can be very rewarding in terms of engaging in the wider analytical community, growing your network and gaining great experience and exposure all of which help with your personal and professional development.

The commitment required from volunteers is flexible and does not necessarily involve large amounts of travel or time.

Drop us a line to introduce yourself and let us know the sort of things you’d like to be involved in.