The process for becoming a member is relatively straightforward, but does vary according to the type of membership you are interested in.

Membership of the ACIA is free.

There are three types of membership.
Please select the appropriate form from the list below.

Individual Membership Information

Agency Membership Information

Corporate Membership Information

Usually, Agency and Corporate applications are easy to verify and membership is granted quickly.

Individual applications might take longer to verify, unless the individual is applying for membership as an employee of an Agency or Corporate entity, that is already a member of the ACIA.

In this case, your employer will provide you with a code. Where this is applied to your application, processing is quick.

Where your employer is not a member, or where you are self-employed, you shall be required to supply references.

In this instance, it will take longer to verify your credentials. Please bear with us, the ACIA is run entirely by volunteers!