Membership of the ACIA is free and open to individuals or agencies in the UK and Ireland, or those with strong links to work here.

If you are an analyst from outside the UK and Ireland, then we would suggest that you instead consider joining IACA (  and IALEIA ( both international associations we would highly recommend - in fact we would suggest it to all UK and Ireland analysts as well!

There are two types of ACIA membership. Please select the appropriate form from the links below.

Individual Membership Information

Agency Membership Information

The process for becoming a member is relatively straightforward, but does vary according to the type of membership you are interested in.

Individual applicants using a .police, .gov or .ac email address will be automatically admitted - note you will be asked to provide a reference but if you use one of these email addresses then feel free to just put in any colleague or, if you prefer, just put in the ACIA membership lead Keith Jackson (

Agency applications are addressed personally via email.

All applications might take a little while to verify and process, please bear with us, the ACIA is run entirely by volunteers!