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ACIA Awards 2011 Nominations Form

Please complete this form, attaching any supporting documentation, by 5pm on Wednesday 29th February 2012. DUE TO A SMALL NUMBER OF CASES WHERE PEOPLE HAVE EXPERIENCED TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES UPLOADING SUPPORTING MATERIAL TO THE SITE, **THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 7TH MARCH 2012** Should you experience any difficulties uploading supporting material, please send it separately to making it clear which nomination it relates to. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Nominee(s) Details

Nominator (or Sponsor if you are nominating yourself)

If you are nominating yourself for an award, it is essential that you give details of a sponsor that can verify your work. An email will automatically be sent to your sponsor when you submit this form.

Statement of Support

Nominations must show evidence of excellence against ONE or MORE of the following criteria:
- Innovation in the application and development of research or analytical techniques in support of organisational objectives
- Initiative and perseverance in promoting the benefits of analysis, creating a culture of evidence-based decision making
- Providing a fresh, pioneering insight into existing activity, or new insight into emerging issues in order to inform decision making
- Exceptional levels of collaboration and integration of analytical techniques into the investigative or intelligence functions
- Enhanced effectiveness of the investigative effort
- Dedication to cultivating, collecting and collating previously unavailable, high quality data sets that have enhanced the intelligence function

Supporting Documents

Please upload any additional supporting documentation that you feel is necessary. Please note, supporting material is optional and where included, should be kept as concise as possible. ALL MATERIALS UPLOADED SHOULD BE "NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED" AND SHOULD NOT INCLUDE ANY PERSONAL OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION

Sharing Effective Practice

The ACIA awards exist to recognise and reward excellence in analysis and provide a platform for sharing effective practice with peers. ACIA would like to publish case study examples on its website showcasing analysis that is of high quality, innovative and/or impactive, we may also share these case studies with Police Professional for publication. No case study would include any sensitive or personal information. You may opt out of this by selecting the "I do not want a summary to be shared for any purpose" option below.

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